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  • The Menu

    In keeping with the Vlado’s simplicity, pristine quality and unchanging tradition the menu remains fixed also.

    Anticipating a meat feast, all condiments are placed on the table (in-house made mustard, horseradish, salt and pepper) and soon after being seated a bread roll and a salad of cabbage, lettuce and tomato with garlic vinaigrette dressing is served. House grilled red peppers available on request. New diners will also receive the menu and a wine list. The first two courses require no contemplation so unless staffs is prepping a Vlado’s first experience there is only idle chit chat to exchange and the sniffing of the precious char grill aroma of the first course is already cooking on the grill.

  • About Vlado's

    The daily ritual from 1964 - 2012

    No one could have been more certified as a meat specialist than Vlado Gregurek. In a time of varying menus, focus on seasonal cooking and spectacular growth in the Melbourne culinary scene, one man stood his ground in a daily ritual from 1964 - 2012, preparing, cooking and delivering one of the best meat menus. And not only for his loyal Melburnian patrons but for visitors from around the globe who've had word of 'the red meat specialist'. It's not just his life time experience with the best meat materials that let you know you'll be relishing an excellent meal, it's the ingredients - 'no salt, no pepper, no sauces just meat!'

  • The Legacy

    Vlado Gregurek, The Red Meat Specialist

    It's a little difficult in today's ever-changing and disposable world to imagine Vlado's ritual life. Six days a week the 'meat specialist' entered through the same door, gathering, talking and working with his kindred brothers. He would cook lunch for his day time patrons, then go home, only to return again later to repeat this for dinner. His standards and quality of produce remained incontestable and his level of service pristine. The restaurant environment only ever changed slightly for the sake of displaying awards and life treasures on the walls. The menu was stock-still and each printed copy remains in great condition as diners need only see them once.